7 Most Popular Countertop Stuff For Kitchen Remodels

We have worked using various architects and designers throughout recent years on kitchen remodels at Quality Remodeling.

Engineered Quartz

Caesar Rock Countertop in Seattle New House |
Engineered quartz has fast become a favorite – it has been set by designers for some of our recent kitchen remodels. Some commonly used brands of engineered quartz are Cambria, and Caesar stone, Siltstone, Petal. Quartz comes in various colors so that you may get just about any look you desire – from vibrant green to radiant white into a grey that is subtle.
Low care: no on-going or sealing, polishing upkeep.
Nonporous: resistant to scratches and stains and will not harbor bacteria.
Big selection of color possibilities.
Heat resistant as alternatives.
In the event you would like a matte appearance, remember that honed quartz is much more prone to staining and more porous than polished.

Nob Hill Remodel, black Granite
Granite is an all-natural jewel which is extremely popular because of its distinctive look (comes in various grains, colors, and customizable finishes) and durability.

Comes in various color, patterns, and finishes.
Every slab is one of a kind.
Simple to wash.
Lasts an eternity.
Porous, so that it must be sealed and resealed two or every year to avoid staining
Because it’s mined, it’s not the most eco friendly alternative.

Concrete has come recently, going from the garage and to the spotlight as countertops and house flooring. Pigments and shines added produce a substance that is not just permanent but also fits into many different house designs as well as color schemes.
Quite long-lasting.
Comes in various color choices – not only classic grey.
Can be custom-poured to fit unusual sized sizes and shapes.
Can develop hairline fractures during settling and healing. These are only aesthetic, but may be bothersome to some.
Must be sealed and often resealed.
In the event you would like a concrete countertop with a bit more glitz and glamor, attempt Ice Stone – a countertop made out of recycled glass and cement.

Stainless Steel
Attic Conversion, stainless steel
The professional chef’s choice, stainless steel, is an excellent alternative for people who are seeking a kitchen countertop stuff that is highly durable and practical.
Will not chip or stain.
Works as an impartial – looks great next to a big number of substances.
Nonporous and extremely sanitary.
Super easy to wash, no upkeep required.
Can not sense hot and industrial.
Can reveal scratches and fingerprints.
Copper is an excellent choice if you’d prefer a metal countertop with a bit more heat and nature. It is antibacterial and develops a distinctive patina.

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