Stats About Some Organizational Tools

What are the dimensions of the assembled Home Organization Tools?
Externally, the crates are 19″x 13.5″x 11.5″. Internally, they are 17″x 13″x 11″ (when used vertically) or 17″x 13″x 10″ (used horizontally).

What are the assembly jigs?
The assembly jigs were “invented” right here at Home Organization Tools. When we initially thought of selling shooks to the general public, we realized that the first construction step would be difficult for many people. Without the jigs, you’d have to brace the ends against your knees, keeping them upright and the correct distance apart, while you nailed on the first side. The jigs eliminate the need to worry about proper alignment of the ends because they position and hold the ends for you.
We considered several designs, made of cardboard, wood and polystyrene foam. We chose the foam jigs because they are the easiest to use. So, when you unpack your shooks, DON’T THROW AWAY THOSE TWO PIECES OF PLASTIC FOAM!! They’re not just packing material; they’re wonderful, precision tools, created for you and provided absolutely free by your friends at Home Organization Tools.

How hard will it be to assemble my shooks into crates?
It really isn’t hard. There are 5 walls to each crate; you’ll just be nailing them together. The supplied assembly jigs make the only difficult assembly step quite easy. If you feel competent with a hammer, making your crates should be a piece of cake. Assembly of each crate takes 5-15 minutes. Your first one will be the slowest; you’ll pick up speed as you go along. And, when people ask where you got the great crates, you can tell them proudly, “I built them myself!” (And then, of course, you should tell them about Home Organization!)

I’m not much of a handyman. Could someone help me?
If you’re not very good at driving nails, there’s a very good chance that you know someone who is, who would be delighted to do you a favor — e.g., your neighbor, your father, your girlfriend, etc.. If you have any doubts, print out the assembly instructions and present them to your potential helper or your estate management company. He or she will be able to see everything that’s involved in assembling a bookcrate, knowing exactly what saying “Yes” to you will involve.

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